Chiropractic Testimonials

Testimonials are superior for giving a prospective patient an idea if a chiropractor is best suited for them. These are actual accounts of our patients’ experience with our care. We are extremely pleased with our reputation and are honored to receive such accolades. We promise to deliver the same level of care to you as we did to these satisfied patients.

All testimonies are on file and available for validation. After over 250 testimonials, Dr. McArthur's testimonials have gotten to the point where the current testimonials are pretty much the same.

Please know that Dr. McArthur's current cases are still enjoying the same type of success as listed here!

"I’ve had back pain for years. I always just dealt with it because I felt I had no options. After a visit to my regular physician, he suggested I seek the assistance of a chiropractor. Skeptically I agreed and sought care from Dr. McArthur. By my 5th visit, I’m pain free. Treatment has been painless. The office staff is the best. Wonderful environment! I encourage anyone with back or neck pain see Dr. McArthur."

- L.G.

"Great staff, very professional, and always a joy. Dr. McArthur is truly gifted and talented. Thanks so much for your help."

- W.M.

"My lower back was not getting better on its own and I was reluctant to seek help through medication or medical procedures. Dr. McArthur and his staff quickly diagnosed my problem and very quickly had me on the road to recovery. After only 4 weeks of treatment, my back pain has greatly improved! I’m so glad I sought help from Dr. McArthur. It was the right decision."

- D.M.

"I was involved in a rear-end collision. After seeing 2 doctors and taking medication, I still experienced low back and right hip pain. After 4-5 visits with Dr. McArthur, the pain was gone. He continued to work on me until my back stabilized. I recommend Dr. McArthur to anyone injured. His staff is very friendly and easy to talk to and proved their experienced knowledge."

- L.C.

"The difference is amazing between the pain I had before treatment and the relief afterwards. One month later, I’m pain free!"

- D.A.

"I’ve suffered from chronic neck and lower back pain for years. Since I started seeing Dr. McArthur, I’ve had a drastic improvement in my pain levels. I never thought I would be able to have an active life again. Now I work out 5 days a week. I feel like I have my life back."

- Y.J.S.

"Having headaches every day of the week is not normal for most people, however it was for me. After hearing a friend talk about going to the chiropractor for the occasional migraine, I decided to try Dr. McArthur. Keep in mind that I had already been to several doctors with no relief. At first, I did not know what to expect. Dr. McArthur and his staff were wonderful.

After 4 visits I started noticing my headache easing. After 7 visits, I now have gone 5 days without a headache. Dr. McArthur did what no other doctor had. I only wish I had gone sooner. I used to think chiropractic was only good for back problems. I recommend anyone suffering as I did with headaches to try Dr. McArthur."

- L.H.

"My husband travels a lot for work. I was concerned moving to Mississippi that I would have a problem finding a chiropractor that could help me. I’m so happy I found Dr. McArthur. He has helped me tremendously. He addressed all my neck, shoulder, and jaw pain without the ‘spine-cracking’. My hips and back have also improved greatly and I feel pain free much of the time. All the staff is wonderful."

- L.J.

"I came to Dr. McArthur with years of restless leg syndrome. It reached a point where my meds weren’t working. After 6 visits to Dr. McArthur, I was almost pain free. A few visits later, I’m doing great. Thanks Dr. McArthur."

- B.T.

"My pain was in my right shoulder, neck, lower back, both knees, and right leg. I felt pain constantly. I couldn’t turn over in bed without support. Pain pills weren’t helping at all. When I started coming to Dr. McArthur, I was using a cane. I no longer need it. My pain has almost vanished. I’m up every morning at 6AM watering my plants with very little pain. Thanks to God and you."

- G.C.

"After several years of lower back and shoulder pain, only 7 treatments have me nearly pain free."

- J.R.

"After my lower back injury, a friend told me about Dr. McArthur. I was nervous, even scared of chiropractors, but my other choice was to load up on pain pills. My first visit was X-rays, and a thorough exam. The staff and atmosphere made me comfortable. After a couple of treatments, I was very much improved. After a few weeks, I was pain free. Thanks Dr. McArthur. You’re my new best friend."

- J.D.

"Sent from heaven! I could not imagine a doctor could straighten out my back. The pain is so much better. The office staff is warm and friendly."

- D.B.

"After finding a chiropractor and having to see him repeatedly, I became disillusioned. Dr. McArthur was referred to me by my dental hygienist. After seeing him for a couple of weeks, I was like a new woman again, feeling great and ready for my pain free vacation. I am so happy I made the change."

- B.W.

"After several months of using another chiropractor without relief, I came to Dr. McArthur. Within a few visits, I noticed a big change. After 2 weeks, I was pain free and back to my normal activities. Thank you Dr. McArthur and staff."

- S.Y.

"I HAD low back pain. My right knee hurt, thinking I had fluid on it. Not even mentioning that complaint, my knee pain was gone before I even walked out of his office. Who would of thought that straightening out my back would help my knee? After 2 weeks, my back pain was gone. I can stand in one spot for a long period of time and it not hurt. I can walk without pain. I’m getting an appointment for my husband. I highly recommend anyone with back pain come for a visit and try out this McArthur method!"

- M.E.

"After several weeks of continuous neck pain, I came to Dr. McArthur. By the 7th visit, all the pain was gone and I feel great."

- C.L.

"I couldn’t walk without some assistance. When I first came to Dr. McArthur I didn’t know if this would help or not, but after 3 visits I was a lot better. I recommend Dr. McArthur. He really helped me."

- R.W.

"I work a 9 hour shift at a children’s consignment sale twice a year, once in the Spring and once in the Fall. Last Fall, I remember leaving with the worst back pain of my life. I started treatment with Dr. McArthur sometime in January. Late February was the Spring sale. I could see a huge difference. Dr. McArthur did a great job! I wish I had started coming to him years ago."

- C.C.

"I came to Dr. McArthur because I was experiencing a high level of body pain. I was also having headaches at the base of my neck. My sense of balance was very unsteady and my energy levels had dropped. I felt like it took all my strength just to hold my body up and move forward.

Without drugs or surgery, Dr. McArthur has addressed all of these problems and while we are still working on improvement, my general health and energy levels has been surprising. The total body technique is insightful and intuitive. It has been of so much value to me…and the change has been wonderful."

- B.D.

"My neck and shoulder was in severe pain with many knots in my muscles. I had been having pain for about 6 weeks. I tried everything I could to relieve the pain without success. Dr. McArthur had me pain free in 2 weeks without the ‘bone popping’ or prescription drugs. I highly recommend him and his staff for any pains you experience."

- J.P.

"When I first met Dr. McArthur, I was experiencing severe pain in my right leg. I could hardly walk without a cane. Now, I’m able to get around without that cane. I thank Dr. McArthur and staff. May God bless them."

- R.C.

"Having been diagnosed with numerous health problems, including bulging discs in my neck and lower back, I was in constant pain. Seeing the ad for Dr. McArthur’s practice on TV, I decided to give his method a try. I was new to the Meridian area and he also came highly recommended by my new neighbor.

From the friendly staff, the initial evaluation, and my individually designed program for success, all has gone very smoothly. Dr. McArthur and his chiropractic method are exceptional! My quality of life has soared and now rarely in pain."

- W.S.

"My neck had hurt for many years. I decided it was arthritis and something I would just have to live with. As a last resort, I decided to try Dr. McArthur. I could feel a big difference in the pain and stiffness after my first treatment. Now, a few weeks later, I am pain free and most of the stiffness in my neck is gone. I am so thankful! Dr. McArthur will no longer be my last resort."

- S.C.

"Dr. McArthur’s method relieved my lower back in 4-5 visits. I am now pain free. He also has a great staff. Thanks."

- P.M.

"At a time when I was suffering from stress and pain in my neck, head and hip areas, Dr. McArthur was able to give great relief to my problems. This was done with treatments that involved no discomfort in a relaxing atmosphere."

- D.W.

"After years of on and off again severe back pain and spasms with no resolution from medication and other treatment, I turned to Dr. McArthur for help. I’d never been to a chiropractor before and was very skeptical. After reading these testimonials and asking around, I decided to give him a try. After a few weeks of treatments, I am practically pain free, without medication and I’m very thankful I went to his clinic for help."

- R.M.

"I sought treatment from Dr. McArthur for pain in my left hip and thigh. After 6 short visits, my pain levels decreased. I am currently going several days with no noticeable pain. I highly recommend Dr. McArthur and his friendly staff."

- T.A.

"Prior to seeing Dr. McArthur, I was going to a pain clinic. After several pain meds were prescribed that didn’t seem to help, my wife suggested that I try going to a chiropractor. Although I was likely one of the biggest skeptics of chiropractic care, I now feel fortunate to have found it. Not too long ago, I was taking 7 pain pills a day. and now only need 1-2. My pain has diminished greatly and I’m confident that within a few more visits, I will be off pain meds completely. I’m very grateful for Dr. McArthur."

- C.C.

"When I came to Dr. McArthur I had upper back and neck pain that was keeping me from doing the things I needed to do. Within 6 visits, he had me up and going again with no pain."

- L.B.

"I have felt better since I’ve been coming to Dr. McArthur than in the past year. I’ve taken steroid and epidural shots for 12 years and have noticed more difference in the last 3 months with Dr. McArthur than in those 12 years. Although I still experience pain, it’s nothing compared to what I was accustomed to. I can even walk straight again! Thanks Dr. McArthur."

- P.M.


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