about our chiropractic office  Meridian, MS

Welcome to McArthur Chiropractic of Meridian, Mississippi. We are so glad you found us. We understand that healthcare is personal and you probably have a lot of questions about us before you decide to make the call for a consultation. We want to share more about our practice, how we got started, what we do every day, and how you can contact us to begin your journey to a healthier you!

Our Philosophy Towards Chiropractic Care

What sets us apart from other chiropractors is that we don’t just focus on your spine. That’s important of what we do, but it’s not the only part of your body! During your first visit, we will go over your recent health history and you can let us know about the aches and pains you’re having. We will run a full-body diagnostic adjustment. This will give the doctor an idea of how your spine and joints should be so he can work to develop a treatment plan. On subsequent visits, the doctor will slowly adjust each area in your body until all of your bones and joints are back where they should be. After that, we encourage you to visit us on a routine basis to prevent further pain and injuries.