Soft Tissue Taping in Meridian

Chiropractic Meridian MS Soft Tissue Taping

Soft-tissue taping therapy in Meridian promotes the body’s natural healing through normalizing pain-causing muscle tissue, ligaments and fascia. Taping areas over and around muscles improves circulation.

How Soft tissue Taping Works in Meridian

Taping therapies are classified functionally into 2 types; conventional non-elastic sports taping for immobilization and relatively recently developed elastic taping used to increase mobilization in clinical applications. In recent years the elastic taping method has been used primarily to treat sports injuries.

Chiropractic Meridian MS Soft Tissue Taping
Chiropractor Meridian TX Russell McArthur with Associates

Soft Tissue Taping At McArthur Chiropractic

During my invitational trip to Korea in 2012, I was exposed to soft tissue taping and I’ve modified its application to my method. My goal was to add elements to my practice that would help my patients hold their adjustment. The Soft Tissue Tape in Meridian sticks directly onto the skin and provides a similar support as an ace bandage does without the encumbrance. We’ve seen impressive responses from many of our patients and will continue to utilize this wonderful application. Below is an excerpt directly from the distributor of the particular tape I use explaining its function.

What are the Advantages?

Even though the elastic taping method was developed originally as a chiropractic treatment, it has been widely adopted in various health care professions around the world due to a wide range of therapeutic applications & excellent pain-control results.

  1. Reconditioning of tight, “knotted” muscle tissue and protection of the muscle and enhancement of muscle function.
  2. Facilitating the smooth flow of blood and lymph, thus reduce swelling and muscle pain caused by congestion of blood and lymphatic flow due to improperly functioning muscle tissue and fascia.
  3. Suppressing and/or relieving pain through stimulating the skin and the muscle.
  4. Normalizing the muscle thereby helping to prevent joint subluxation due to imbalances in muscles surrounding joints.

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